Online Courses

The online program is available year round and participants may start at any time. After registration is recieved a program manual will be shipped. Please allow between 3 days to 3 weeks for manual shipping depending on how remote your city/country is relative to Canada and if boat/air service is needed. Once receiving the manual course registrants can begin working through the material and completing the various activities. Questions that challenge the readers teaching philosophy, activities that test for reader comprehension and a variety of discussion questions will be presented. Online students will also watch a variety of educational videos and tutorials that will further collaborate on the material presented in the manual. The manual is a comprehensive resource for educators that includes templates and resources such as costume design forms, lesson plans, injury report forms, recital planning, staging sheets, lighting sheets, etc. The online student will work through the program using the manual and online videos cohesively. 

Online students must complete all of the pracitcal hours and required documents for graduation like students in the local modules, in addition they must submit proof of First Aid training and complete one character reference. 

For questions about the online program, please email:

The online program tuition is $320.00 Canadian Dollars + GST per module.

What more information? Check out a PDF: Here

Commonly asked questions about the online program

How long does the online program take?

This is a tough question because everyone dedicates varying amounts of time and some people read at a slower pace. On average it takes an hour to read and complete the activities in each unit of the course manual and 30 minutes to 45 minutes to complete the activities in the online section. Therefore on average the online program takes approximately 30 hours to complete. This will be faster or slower respectively depending on the student. 

Why do I need a character reference?
When we teach the in person courses we screen for teacher qualities. In the online program we cannot check for this due to it's online nature. The character refrence indicates to us that you are referenced to be in a position of authority over children before we permit you to graduate. 

Why do I need First Aid?
You are in charge of your classroom and the students in it. Health and safety should always be the biggest priority. 

Can I use previously completed hours towards my practical?
No, only hours completed after the practical can count towards practical component completion. 

Who can be my supervisor?
Anyone with ten or more years of teaching experience. School teachers are permitted and encouraged to be supervisors, it does not have to be a dance teacher. 

When can I start the online program?
You can start at any time, it is open year round and is self paced.