The IDTS runs private and public workshops at your studio with your teachers!

Workshop Series

Team Cohesion: Creating an efficient team and developing leadership capabilities. 

Skill Acquisition: The art of acquiring skills and pedagogy tips for getting your dancers to the next level.

Strength and Flexibility: How to safely train hypermobility and flexibility and conditioning for the specific physiological needs of each dancer. 

First Aid: First Aid training and injury response discussions for your faculty.

Nutrition and Disordered Eating: Discuss nutritional content and disordered eating as it applies to dancers, the female athlete triad and osteoporosis. 

Biomechanics: Understand the gravitational forces that affect your dancers ability to move.

Contracts and Standards: Meet with our legal leader and discuss contracts, professional standards and employee rights and responsibilities. Taxation considerations (vary by country), contractors and negotiation intervention and strategies. 

Classroom Management: Learn from our career school principal and discuss classroom management strategies to implement in recreational and competetive settings. 

Anatomy: Host a one day Anatomy workshop at your studio and refine your anatomical terms and understading. We travel with anatomy models to enrichen your experience. 

Choreographic Explorations: Learn choreographic terms and definitions and explore ways to implement variety into your artistic projects. Opportunity to explore and refine motif concepts are promoted. 

Improvisational Challenges: Learn tips and tricks to help your dancers welcome improvisation into their dance training. Learn a variety of improvisational games to use at varying ages. 

Dance History: Have your dancers learn the major historical dance figures in this two hour workshop.

Season Planning: Refine your ability to think big picture and strategize ways to make the most out of your season. Understand how to generate a plan that will have your dancers peak at the correct time of the season. 

Sports Psychology: Understand the mind and mental training and resilience. Learn strategies for optimizing emotional arousal in your dancers to reach peak performance. 

Assistant Teacher Training: This two hour workshop for assistant teachers is a certification program that covers, leadership, child development, dance history and a basic introduction to anatomy. Meeting the requirements assistant teachers can apply to graduate and will recieve a certification.